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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR:Taking a pause during any project/task/goal and reflecting on whether you are on the right track or not is critical for success

I absolutely love the enthusiasm and momentum you have to get into PB-Jam and start pushing the needle towards more effective you!

One key attribute of continued success and peace is our ability to pause and reflect on our current pursuits.

The outcome can be 'continue the pursuit' or 'stop'. I know it can hurt a lot if you reach the conclusion of 'stop', but do not think of it as a negative outcome. Every time you decide to stop something, you are freeing yourself to start a new pursuit (and hopefully, a more effective one!).

At the same time, if your conclusion is 'continue', it reaffirms your commitment, belief and imbues new energy and focus in your efforts. This is like an energy boost during a marathon! It will absolutely bring a smile to your face while chasing those goals.

Within PB-Jam structure, we recommend this PAUSE & REFLECT after session 04. By this time, the group understands each other and objectives. A good way to start such discussions is to revisit the Group Norms that you established during Session 02 (remember, you would have written them down in your group discussion). Questions that you should ask yourself and your peers are:

  1. Do we find value in continuing as this group?

  2. Are we still aligned on our norms?

  3. What needs to change for future sessions to be more effective?

These simple questions coupled with direct short answers will provide you with a good idea on whether to continue or to stop. In our experience, it is perfectly normal for a few groups to stop and most groups to adjust the course or to continue as-is.

Psst: Making this critical decision in a group builds you for similar situations in work environment (e.g. continue with a project, change scope or exit?)

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