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Viktor E Frankl and PB JAM

#TLDR: An Auschwitz survivor and pioneer of #logotherapy, Viktor E Frankl's 1984 preface to his book "Man's search for meaning" resonates so well with the #PBJAM approach

While browsing through the bookshelf, I came across an old classic by Viktor E Frankl, "Mans' Search for Meaning". What caught my eye this time was the preface that the author wrote in 1984.

How true is his statement! At #PBJAM, we follow the same philosophy. That's why our subscribers do not start their 12-week programs by directly setting a goal. They spend 3-5 weeks thinking through their current environment and discuss what is their current challenge.

It's only towards the end of week 5 that our participants identify a specific behavior to focus on. Such tangible goal follows something bigger, that is, how each subscriber's inner beliefs and values play with those that they interact within the professional world. It is only after discussing such play (and points of friction or gaps), that our subscribers arrive at behaviors that help them to improve the play.

It is not uncommon to find our subscribers coming in with a clear goal, only to find that what they need to really work on is something different, something deeper. It is in such realization that #PBJAM delivers value time and again. To paraphrase Frankl, let your success be a byproduct of your passion! Let #PBJAM be your vehicle to uncover what drives you and why.

What has been your A-ha moment? How has that changed your perspective? We love to hear from you!

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