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Wizard of Oz? Really!!

#TLDR: Dorothy is always solving problems unlike classical fairy tales and that optimism, can-do attitude provides a remarkable edge in today's professional careers

Most of us have read or seen some version of this famous fairy tale written by L. Frank Baum. A quirky tale about a little girl from Kansas named Dorothy, the books are full of unexpected problems that Dorothy faces. Along with her rag-tag companions like tin-man, scare-crow and cowardly lion, Dorothy takes these problems head-on, solves them and moves on.

The sheer determination and problem solving abilities separate Dorothy from other fairy tale characters like cinderella or sleeping beauty, for example. We all have a lot to learn from Dorothy.

We all face multitude of problems and challenges in our daily professional and personal lives. We all have two options when faced with a challenge, first being to fold down and wait for help and the other (more in line with #PBJAM) of taking stock of the situation and coming up with a solution to the challenge.

Taking challenges head-on provides us an edge in professional and personal lives. That is what separates a #leader from the #crowd. Your #optimism and problem solving #attitude is noticed readily by senior management. Keep in mind, that you don't need to have the best solution available! You just need to have the #attitude to start discussions on the problem along with your initial thoughts.

At #PBJAM, we have woven this #biastoaction in our structures and platform. Have you had any #dorothy #moments? What was your experience? Write to us your examples and comments, we love to read them!

PS: We also like to convert some of our #subscriber comments and feedback into #video clips and #blog posts. Maybe, your comment will turn into a #PBJAM video and be on our channel!

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