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Work-Life balance - Tilting to integration and away from blending

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: Rather than trying to separate work and life based on clock, it's better to blend them to suit your personal life and work life

Career work and personal life have long been a balancing act for most of working professionals. Let's talk about a specific aspect of this challenge.

Many times, I see that people "blend" their work and life and in the process create setups where they feel like they are working 24x7 and are exhausted. My recommendation to move away from such blended work-life is to think of "integrating" work and life.

This means clarity of boundaries between work and life. In the old times, such clarity was feasible due to 0900-0500 work schedules. In our age of technology, there is no more 0900-0500, so how do we set these boundaries?

Time-boxing is a good strategy! Block certain times of the day when you plan to keep your work phone/laptop/tablet away. This might be for lunch, dropping kids off, doing 20 minute puzzles with family or taking the dog for a walk. By creating these small time boxes across the week, you will be able to integrate your work in life without blending them together.

Try it out and post your thoughts, experiences here.

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