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Subscription-based online community of like-minded professionals that is structured for highly individualized experiences, meaningful conversations, visible change, and professional growth with experienced facilitators as guides along the journey

  • Active transformation of capabilities (not passive consumption of information)

  • Lively, extemporaneous discussions focused on your current challenges and moderated by an experienced facilitator (not a boring, monotonous group event with lots of printed materials to read or presentations to endure)

  • Tangible actions integrated into daily work (SMART-steps©) (No homework or preparation)

  • Highly individualized to each participant and their current professional circumstances (not a series of canned courses or locked-in methodology)

  • Facilitated, structured, and dynamic short cycle loops (not fixed, one-size-fits-many self-learning)

  • Continuing engagement that is driven by employee needs (not just one-time training)

  • Highly scalable curated micro peer groups (not 1:1 coaching that is hard to sustain)

  • Engaging interactions with peers from other companies with fresh and unbiased perspectives (not an internal echo chamber of company colleagues)

  • Augmentation to employer's internal resources and processes (no additional workload for the people leaders or HR)

  • Employee-owned and hence driving higher engagement (not just employer-driven)

  • Visible and objective measures of progress, building sustainable high-performance teams (not just another certification)

Watch the 5-minute video to learn how PB JAM benefits you

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