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Why? - Changing workplace is posing new challenges for people leaders and professionals alike

  • Anxiety and Uncertainty are rampant in the organizations

  • The risk of a mass exodus seems imminent

  • You are acting, but your actions feel like

    • Reactive than proactive,

    • Darts in the dark rather than purposeful
      steps towards measurable, visible outcomes


  • You are not alone!

Employee turnover challenge in the new workplace
94% workers are stressed as per SHRM

What if there was a better way?​

Prasad V Saraph, Curious Co-founder at PB JAM
Seemantini M Pathak, co-founder at PB JAM

Founded by a people leader of 25+ years and a senior business management professor, PB JAM combines expertise, access to the latest operations and HR research, and peer-based methods in a learning platform designed to provide organizations like yours with dynamic, individualized human capital development. When you know your people are happy and fulfilled, you are free to build and nurture an engaged and productive workforce that will grow, thrive, and stay.

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